About Romanca

Romanca Society, established in June 2005, is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, which aims to offer support and assistance for the social integration of Romanians and other minorities who live and work in Britain’s multicultural society. Romanca Society runs through the efforts of its volunteers and it is supported by grants, membership, donations and sponsorship.

Our goal is to preserve and affirm minority cultures, traditions and languages and to share their wealth in the UK. We intend to achieve our goals by organising various activities for general interest: workshops, round tables, conferences, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, themed nights, dinner dance parties, performances, networking events, community information days, as well as other projects initiated by our members.

The main activities we develop in “Romanca” are:

  • Social integration
  • Help in the community
  • Emotional support
  • Leisure activities
  • Youth projects
  • Personal development and voluntary activities
  • Facilitate the easy access to information for Romanians and other minorities

The activity of Romanca Society is based on the principle of self-support group ethos, so the organisational culture is one of learning by sharing.

Since the establishment of Romanca Society as an NGO we have organised a range of very strong projects with volunteers and support from local organisations and institutions:

  • The “Romanca” Club – talks, parties & networking events for the members of “Romanca Society”
  • “Romanca” Volunteer Team – developing personal skills and abilities for a group of volunteers aiming to support our projects and activities or develop their own. Volunteers who are committed for a minimum of 3 months will benefit from work and academic references and access to our employment network
  • Training and Personal Development – providing access to training, volunteer practice, achieving personal development in partnership with SKEIN, BEC, HFVC and VSRA
  • Partnership and lobby – developing good quality relationship and cooperation with various organizations, institutions and agencies in the community
  • Catering & Hospitality Project- developing hospitality skills in all our projects.
  • Gardening Project – developing good gardening skills.
  • Art Group – workshop, performances and shows with local, Romanian and international artists.

Our organization combines the expertise of creative professionals, artists and highly determined youth with a strong academic background and experienced craftsmen who are able to contribute technical experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.

For several years, our organization has managed social integration, environmental and educational projects with a strong cultural message. Our activities combine the economic reality of our members and beneficiaries with a strong strategic relationship with governments, NGOs and local authorities for the promotion of cultural and educational programs aimed at less privileged children, young people and adults.

Our ability to plan and implement a structured and systematic growth of the activities has led us to expand our vision to the European dimension of the projects and we believe that our spirit, our training and values will be a good base to ensure the quality of the project.

For more information, please consult here:



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