I put all my effort in the activities of the project, and I “won”, we all won! 

I put all my effort in the activities of the project, and I “won”, we all won! 

My name is Cesare, I’m 19 and I come from Italy.
2 months ago, in April, I took part in an Erasmus+ Project named “Social Theatre – Building a chance for all”.
It was set in the UK, in West Lexham: we were 50 young people coming from 10 different countries,
and I was the Group Leader of the Italian Group (we were 5 people from Italy, all the same age).

So I decided to write down something for real: so, these are my impressions, my thoughts and everything else that
comes out of my mind, when I think back at this experience in England.
(I also attach a couple of pictures that I like.)

“In the “Social Theatre – Building a chance for all” – project, I was part of a big group: we were 50 people, each of us coming from different places around Europe (and over!), with different lifestyles, experiences and skills.

We gathered together, everyone bringing his/her own knowledge and past experiences, realising and taking part in many different workshops with one central theme: Social Theatre; the activities were many and also very different: I explored kinds of theatre I didn’t know, such as Psychodrama, but we also spoke and discussed about social- themes like poverty, marginalisation and social exclusion.

Based on this activities, we prepared a final Show and we acted in a real Theatre, on a real stage with a real audience, and in this way, we were able to make concrete all those activities we had worked on and we were able also to leave a powerful message: stop social exclusions, stop wars and all kind of violence, and build a world of equality, in which dialogue is the first way to solve conflicts.

One of the aspects I can say I’ve improved the most is, for sure, the one that regards the competence of “Learning to Learn”: before I went to West Lexham, I had absolutely no experience in Social Theatre, and in Theatre in general.
But in 10 days, I was able to learn an incredible number of things connected to this world, and I also acted in a real play; and I’m extremely proud of this.

I put all my effort in the activities of the project, and I “won”, we all won!
The results were really outstanding.

Being in a small village, very far from home, with 50 young boys and girls you don’t know is something that leads you to socialize, to make new friendships and to overcome prejudices and stereotypes you had before.
This project was a great opportunity to grow as a person, to see things from another perspective and to change the way to see other cultures.

Living together with people that come from 10 different countries and knowing their cultures, tradition and lifestyles was something that really changed me.
Thanks to the “Multicultural Nights” and to the discussions we’ve had, I had the possibility to create an opinion about facts I didn’t properly know before, and I understood that with the DIALOGUE between countries we can build bridges that can arrive everywhere.

This project was extremely powerful, for many reasons: the people involved, the themes we talked about, the activities we prepared and took part in.
Also, I can say that for my person, for my personality, this project has been really inspiring.”

Cesare from Italy


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