Social exclusion is a major problem of our time, which has replaced the “old notions” of poverty and marginalization. Social exclusion is often a cause of poverty, conflict and insecurity. In order to tackle it effectively, we need to understand where the problem lays and find ways of working with partners, governments, the international community and civil society organizations to overcome it.

This project will deal with the phenomenon of exclusion as the participants perceive and experience it, originated in the insecurity of living standards, preconceived ideas, political and social isolation, feelings of estrangement and unhealthy lifestyles and the surge of unemployment rates among young people. With this exchange we aim to improve the skills and the background of youth, who will be better able to identify opportunities, develop them, and when needed to prevent and to remedy social exclusion.


  • Theatre Workshops: participants will bring ideas for combatting social exclusion through presentations, group work, role play and group discussions
  • Intercultural Evening: presentation of the countries represented in the project over three nights: national food, music, dance, customs and video presentations
  • Simulation games, role plays and group discussions about poverty and marginalization/prejudice and stereotyping vs. social exclusion
  • London as Inspiration (Guided tour… Emphasis will be placed on markers of activities and places aimed at combatting social exclusion. Observing and getting inspiration from the infrastructure of ensuring equal rights for all)
  • Creating of blog and YouTube channel – posting the recording of the show. Participants will learn about editing, internet promotion
  • Movie Night, Script Writing, Cocktail Party


  • To promote tolerance among youth and break existing stereotypes by sharing their opinions and culture with participants from different countries.
  • To promote inclusion as an essential value for young people with fewer opportunities and youth with social integration issues
  • To stimulate participants to reflect on essential characteristics of the European society and foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries
  • To increase participants’ knowledge of theatre as a tool for social and cultural inclusion
  • To contribute to the development of creative capabilities and skills in youth work using creative learning methods (theatre techniques)

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